{Here we are – hard to believe I’ve been doing this for so long (and hard to believe also that I’ve got an almost-seven year old)!!! I got my start doing this when I decided to take at least one picture a day of Landon, for the whole month of February in celebration of his birth month. I borrowed this idea from Kerianne Brown, a fantastic photographer. Over the years, this compilation of pictures has become one of my most cherished possessions.}

This morning as we talked about doing your picture later today, I did something I’ve never done before: I asked for your input. I often wonder how long you’ll allow me to continue doing these without grumbling. I hope that I am able to do them for many more years – thus far you are a happy, cooperative (and sometimes overly posey) participant. Back to the car this morning; I asked if you had any picture ideas and immediately you piped up with wanting pictures of you doing flips on the trampoline. We love watching you on there, your fun-natured, crazy personality really comes out!

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