Day 18 {Delaney’s second Photo-a-Day}

{It has started friends: Delaney’s second Photo-a-Day month! This sassy thing isn’t even two and she’s already giving us a run for our money – I’m sure you’ll see that represented in the pictures to follow!! I started this with Landon and now it is Delaney’s turn! I borrowed this idea from Kerianne Brown, a fantastic photographer.}

I love your imagination. I decided to clean out the car tonight and you kept yourself occupied turning the knobs, pushing buttons, attempting to start the car with my studio keys and trying to sneak peeks of the birthday presents I was carrying in from the car. I did have quite the ruckus on my hands the next morning (wipers, radio, air conditioner on) – luckily I did remember to turn off the hazards before we went in for the night!

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