My Top 10 of 2015 {#1}

{I have decided to show and tell my favorite shots from 2015….often the pictures that grip me are not the picture-perfect poses, but the images that tell a story…}

There is not much I hold more dear than documenting my kiddos as they grow. It is what continues to spark my passion as a photographer, and I am thankful for it. BUT – being able to witness this sweet little girl’s arrival and her life since then is definitely one of those things. For the rest of my life, I will remember the day I sat across the table and her mama handed me the piece of paper that said she was, indeed, pregnant. I’m sure I probably cried, and smiled and gushed. Rainbow babies have a way of doing that to you, I think. The sunshine after the rain. The sliver of hope when all seems lost.

And then you came tumbling into our world, full of joy, big giant smiles and rolls – oh baby, do you have the best squishy rolls I’ve ever laid eyes on. Aunt Manda is smitten, that’s for sure!

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