{Five years ago I decided to take at least one picture a day of Landon, for the whole month of February in celebration of his birth month. I borrowed this idea from Kerianne Brown, a fantastic photographer. Over the last five years, this compilation of pictures has become one of my most cherished possessions.}

I wonder what your wish was tonight, as you blew out your candle…. I know what I wish for you. That you will always keep your sense of humor, the sweet, protective way you take care of your sister, and your evil, silly laugh. That your fifth year might be the year we tackle table manners, once and for all. For all of us as we approach kindergarten, that you might transition with as much grace as possible. That your year would be full of more family, more friends, more learning, laughing and growing than any year before. We love you, Mr. Landon James.

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