{Five years ago I decided to take at least one picture a day of Landon, for the whole month of February in celebration of his birth month. I borrowed this idea from Kerianne Brown, a fantastic photographer. Over the last five years, this compilation of pictures has become one of my most cherished possessions.}

Compiling this list was pretty amusing. The things I wrote are far outnumbered by the things I didn’t: TV (yes, I think we know you like that). My tablet (you only mentioned it three times). ART (then you walked around telling me you like “this art” while pointing at several pieces of furniture I’ve painted). My friends (there wasn’t enough space on the chalkboard for the list of names you rattled off). Chips (you do have a junk food obsession).

I can’t believe tomorrow my little man is going to wake up and be five. Where has five years gone? I saw the best quote today – “Motherhood: The days are long, but the years are short”, and if that’s not the story of our life I’m not sure what is!

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