My Top 10 of 2014 {#1}

{I have decided to show and tell my favorite shots from 2014….often the pictures that grip me are not the picture-perfect poses, but the images that tell a story…}

This sweet little spitfire sure has changed our lives these past 8 months! I can’t hardly even type that she is 8 months old today without getting misty-eyed. It goes by so fast, even now I hardly remember the teeny little dark haired beauty I gave birth to – she’s quickly been replaced by an ever-moving fesity little peanut who has us all undoubtedly wrapped around her finger. I cannot wait to recreate the basket shot when she’s a year old, AND take another picture of her on her brother (sidenote: during that shot she peed on him and while he was disgusted at the time he tells her the story all the time now and laughs laughs laughs). Take it from this mama; these days don’t crawl by, they fly by. You blink, and your little sweet pea is nearly five years old and has attitude for days… lets just say I know first hand how thankful I will be for these pictures in a few years!

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  • Christall MurphyJanuary 13, 2015 - 1:00 pm

    She can’t be 8 months old… Looking at these pictures, and our photos from yesterday, I am reminded once again how quickly our time with these precious beings flies by. It was only last week that Grace was as time as Delaney… yet she just reminded me that she’s 14 now. These photos are a gift!