My Top 10 of 2014 {#4}

{I have decided to show and tell my favorite shots from 2014….often the pictures that grip me are not the picture-perfect poses, but the images that tell a story…}

I feel like these two need no introduction – I photograph them and talk about them enough that everyone around here should feel like they know them by now! I can’t even say how wonderful it has been to have two amazing friends to go through the journey of pregnancy and motherhood with! It is amazing enough watching one little one grow, but being able to see how three little people with distinct personalities and abilities go from teeny and curly newborns to independent and fun sitting up and crawling babies has been incredible.

Really, there is almost nothing I love more than capturing the newness of life – maternity, birth and newborn sessions are the passion that drives so much of what I do. And being able to collaborate on those sessions with people who are near and dear to me is just about as perfect as this job gets!

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