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When I started doing boudoir portraits two years ago at the urging of a client, I had no idea they would take off like they have. I envisioned them as a once-a-year offering before Valentine’s Day, and I’ve now just returned from a 3-day boudoir marathon at my favorite beach hotel, and we had SO much fun. Most women approach boudoir thinking they are doing something for their significant other, and leave feeling empowered, beautiful, with a new sense of how beautiful they are on the inside and out. I have a closed, private group on Facebook (for women only) where I share images, client share testimonials, etc. and because of that I choose not to share any images on my blog or Facebook.

As much as I love boudoir, I have been wanting to explore the idea with a twist, and that is where Rana and Beauty Portraits come in. As much as boudoir is sexy and provocative, Beauty portraits are modern, fun, relaxed, and not as revealing but just as intimate. Intimate because everyone that sits in the hair and makeup chair gets to know myself, Serena and Candice just as we get a small glimpse into her life, what makes her tick, and that is the magic that allows us to create such authentic portraits.

Rana has been my newborn assistant for a few months, and she’s become my right hand woman! From our first meeting, she had the most genuinely happy and enthusiastic spirit about her. If Rana is excited about something, you can’t help but want to follow along! She and I had been talking about boudoir for a while, and when she mentioned she was more modest, I knew that she was the perfect person to experiment with Beauty portraits! She got the same amazing hair and makeup treatment from my glam squad, and then we dove right into creating images that she could happily share with everyone.

I believe that as women, we put ourselves last. With time, energy, money, we are always sacrificing for our families, our jobs, and that’s not bad – but it is important once in a while that we honor and love ourselves enough to invest those things in ourselves. We cannot always run on empty and expect that we are giving our best to those we love. I’ve bought many a things that I loved for a moment, but boudoir and beauty portraits are the kind of experience that change you. forever.

One thing we always do for both kinds of sessions is a before and after – I love working with real women, of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds – and showing a before and after  to me is a great example of that! (I have lots more on my private boudoir page!)

Rana said about her Beauty Portrait experience: I had an amazing experience with Mandi, Serena and Candice while doing my beauty portrait. I felt and looked pampered and beautiful and the end results were stunning.

If you are interested in booking a session, please use the Contact Me above or feel free to email me at info@mandimcdougallphotography.com

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