April Contest: Win a free Session

To kick off spring the right way, I will be giving away a free session to be used in the month of April. This can be any kind of session, studio or outdoors, and will include a FREE custom slideshow! To enter yourself into the drawing, leave a comment on this blog post before April 5th that includes your name, email address, what kind of session you would like, and why you love spring (drawing will be held April 5th at 10 pm).
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  • Mary HahnenkrattApril 2, 2009 - 1:02 am

    oooh sounds amazingly fun! =)
    i love spring because you can watch the earth change from dreary deadness to bright new life! =) well USUSALLY thats the case…..stupid snow!

  • Kayla HendricksonApril 3, 2009 - 11:40 am

    I love spring because every year it is like shedding off the skin of winter. Especially being a Trinity student, winter gets really rough and you develop a type of thinking that is unlike that of any other season. When spring comes and the sun begins to shine I just cannot help but blossom again out of the frost like a crocus or daffodil. Being a mom it is one of the first chances to take my son out and watch him play in the grass, sniff flowers, and run from toy to toy at a playground. The spring and its new growth offer an inspiration that for me is only rivaled by the colors of fall. It becomes a time when I cannot help but recognize the beauty, peace, and innocence that our world mostly keeps hidden. I’m so glad spring is almost here! (spring also means graduation! Ah, so excited!!!)

    Thank you,
    Kayla & Brander