Stevie {Centralia senior portraits}

Do you ever avoid something, hoping that if you don’t say it aloud, it won’t be true? That’s a little how I feel about my blogging my brother’s senior portraits. Maybe, just maybe, if I don’t talk about them and him and how darn old he’s getting, he will stop growing so much taller than me! He called me out for not posting something after we did the first round, so I knew I couldn’t get out of it with the second. See, here is the thing about my brother… he’s a pain. In the rear. And, those of you who have little brothers (or perhaps sisters) are nodding. Yes, of course he is. He’s suppose to be a pain. That, I’ve heard (and surmised from my own experiences) is the job of a younger sibling. To tease, antagonize, and be a general stinker. I think he doesn’t have much choice, what with the three older siblings that he’s stuck with. But the thing? I wouldn’t change our dynamic for anything. Under all of the things that we do to one another, that drive our parents nuts, is the fact that we do it because we love each other. Spraying him with the hose? How I show him I love him. Covering my car windows with polka dots? Love, again. Twisted, silly, I-can-pick-on-you-but-no-one-else-can love. There is no one else that knows me, and is therefore allowed to pick on me, like my siblings.

So, littlest but still taller than me brother, here’s to you! I cannot believe you are graduating, even if you only get to move 15 minutes away, and I look forward to seeing what your future holds.

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