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I am a professional print lab enthusiast, and the results from this comparison even surprised ME! I’ve been selling digital files for about two years now, and every time I sell a DVD, I get asked where is the best consumer place to order prints from. My answer has always been, however I decided it was time to put our local print companies to the test to see if any could compare to the online option. As you will see below, no one really measures up to Mpix. What did surprise me were the wide, WIDE range of color casts (does anyone like a green baby??), and how horrid Costco prints are! There, I said it! Yes, I know they are cheaper. Yes, I know they might be faster than ordering from me, your caring, loveable photographer. But you know what they say about fast, cheap and good? You’re not going to find all three at the same time!

{Keep in mind that all of these are pictures of the prints I received, so while I tried to keep all of the colors as true to life as possible, there was some quality loss that is unavoidable.}

Something I want to touch on for a moment is why the DVD costs $500 on its own and only $250 when you purchase a collection of prints. Yes, I can do math, and I understand that with my smallest collection and the DVD, your bill is only $400. Why do I do that? It’s always my goal to get fabulous, high-quality, properly colored prints in your hot little hands. From every session. I always want you to have a baseline for what is “good” so that when your prints come back green (or orange, or super dark, as you will see further down) you will know that you DESERVE better. You didn’t spend all of the time and money on your custom portrait session to go home and either let a DVD sit in your desk drawer OR spend more of your hard earned money on prints only to have them turn out green, orange or way too light or dark. Spending a little more time and money, or choosing the best of the best consumer lab is going to help ensure you enjoy looking at your family’s memories for years to come.

So, why is my recommendation Mpix? Overall, Target printed things very orange and with more contrast than I like, plus they only offer glossy paper. Costco printed dark, muddy colors with a lot of extra green. Walmart printed very orange also, and WAY oversaturated the colors. See the orange baby above? No bueno. I LOVE my print lab, they do a spot on job every single time, but if you can’t have them, Mpix is the place to order from. You can do everything online, they have low shipping costs, and deliver the prints right to your mailbox. You don’t even have to get out of your PJs for great prints!

And just so you know it applies to all types of portraits, a few more comparisons for your viewing amusement.

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