Your Q & A {why mini sessions?}

I’ve started a bi-weekly post dedicated to answering all of your questions! Today’s question  is: Why are mini sessions priced differently than regular sessions?

Mini sessions are priced a little lower than regular sessions for several reason:

1. Mini sessions are much shorter than regular sessions, and you get a small # of images. This does not mean you get any less service, however we do not have as much leeway for fussy little ones, a baby that needs a snack, etc. compared to a full session.

2. These are grouped back-to-back, offering me the chance to squueze in 3-4 sessions an hour and maximize my time in order to give you the best price possible.

3. Lastly, I wanted to create an option for someone who is wanting to try out my photography before committing to a full session, or for my regular clients who want a few updated pictures in-between their normal yearly sessions.

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