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I’ve started a bi-weekly Monday post dedicated to answering all of your questions! Today’s question  is: When is best to schedule a newborn session?

This is hands-down one of the questions I get asked most. The answer is a two parter. The best time to call or e-mail to get on my calendar is before your little one arrives. I know first hand just how hectic life is with a new baby, and the last thing you want to do while sleep-deprived is have to find and book a newborn photographer. Give yourself a break, and call me in your second or third trimester. We will get the paperwork done and I will add your due date to my schedule. When your baby arrives, have someone give me a call or e-mail and we will set up your appointment, I will resend the tips and tricks for a successful session, and then your hard work is done! I always leave flexibility in my schedule for newborns, so even if your little one has arrived, don’t hesitate to give me a call!

Now, onto the real question, which is when in the baby’s first few weeks is best to schedule your session. My personal preference is for your session to happen when baby is 5-12 days old. There are many reasons I have settled on this window of time, including ease of getting baby full and sleepy. I have done newborn sessions before day 5, and after day 12, and most of the time we’ve worked it out and gotten fantastic pictures. That said, I don’t like to chance it, when possible.

*now, a note for all of those newbies who spend some extra time in the hospital. That date range is a best case scenario, and if you spend a few extra weeks (or months!) getting big and healthy enough to come home, I still want you to come visit me! The adorable sweetie above was almost 4 weeks old for her pictures, and with a little extra heat, patience and food, she slept perfectly. Nothing is ever a guarantee, but we always try our best!*

Do you have a question about what kinds of sessions I offer, what to wear for sessions or about the products I carry? Visit the Facebook page and leave your question! If it gets chosen for a blog feature, you will win a free print from your next session!

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