Bali {Travel Thursday}

This is the last week that Travel Thursday will feature Bali. Keep an eye out in January for the next locale to be featured, Costa Rica.

Being that Bali is an island, it is inevitable that there are going to be some beautiful beaches. During our time in Sanur, we spent some of each day on the beach, often eating somewhere beach-front for lunch or dinner, and always eating breakfast (banana pancakes, anyone? yum!) on the beach-front patio of our hotel. All of those experiences, however, pale in comparison to the last night we spent in Bali. We headed down to the Four Seasons Hotel and enjoyed a delicious and picture-perfect dinner at their restaurant, PJ’s. We took pictures at sunset before we ate, enjoyed the atmosphere of literally dining on the beach, and talked about our favorite memories from the trip. Traveling with Jan, Jeff and their sweet kids gave me the travel bug, but they also showed me a few other things, one of them being how to end a vacation well!

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