Bali {Travel Thursday}

…a few of my favorite random snapshots from Bali…

Oh the monkeys. One day, in Ubud, we went to the Monkey Forest. It’s open, unlike any zoo here, and it’s a forest that the monkeys live in. Because they want to. And people can go visit them, take pictures with them, have them steal your buttons… 🙂

an offering

beautiful tiered rice paddies

One of the many exotic plants and flowers we saw

and no, I didn’t try them 🙂

pretty rocks laid in the walkway at a resort

at the entrance to one of our hotels, I believe.

preparing for a procession in Ubud

more of those rice paddies

Tanah Lot, and beautiful temple on top of this rock that is both a huge tourist destination and a holy site with quite the history.

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