Bali {Travel Thursday}

One day on our trip we set out to snorkel. Now before this trip, I’d never been snorkeling, and this one day ruined me for snorkeling pretty much anywhere else (hear this Mexico? you paled in comparison.) First, we got on a boat that had stabelizers on each side (think this should have been the first tip-off?) Then we set off to our destination. Little did I know, but our destination was just off to a little island named Nusa Lembongan TWO hours away in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Shut up. Our two hour trip was filled with a lot of picture taking, laughs, and holding on tight as the rain came down and we found out just what those stabilizers are there for!

Here we are waiting for our boat.

Another boat we passed on the way.

So after two hours we finally arrive here…

We settle into our spot, get our snorkel gear, and head out into the water. Jan and Jeff are avid scuba divers, so this was second nature for them. Even the boys jumped happily in, and got to snorkeling. I, a little more warily, got in the water. Confession time. I’ve always been a teensy bit afraid of water that is open like this. When you can’t see what’s around you. So down I go into the water, put on my mask and tube… and stick my head into the water.

and that, my friends, is when I freaked out.

I think I kept it together pretty good, and no one was really paying attention, but what I saw was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. The ocean floor, which looked to be about 50 feet down (I think they said it was a little less, but don’t remember anymore), was covered with the most beautiful, colorful coral. However, what caused me to almost stop breathing was what I COULD see. Fish and sealife, all around me. They were not within touching distance, but water does funny things to our visual perception, and they looked CLOSE. I took a few breaths, got myself under control, and stuck my head back in. After doing that a few times, I calmed down enough to swim around and actually enjoy what I saw. A few minutes later and we were joking around, pointing out different things we saw to each other and truly enjoying ourselves.

We spent about two hours out there, before we started the sun-filled journey back. I didn’t want to leave, and I cannot wait someday to go back.

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