Bali {Travel Thursday}

One of the most impressive things about Bali are their evening dance performances. One that was my favorite (we attended three or four, I believe) was about Ramayana. These dancers have been training from a very young age (more of those pictures in the next post), and can contort their hands, feet and bodies in ways I could only dream of! There is a way that they hold their hands that captivated me every night! The dedication they show is astounding. What brings it all together, however, is the gamelan music. The gamelan is somewhat similar to a xylophone, and when you get 30 or 40 of them together, it’s beautiful and exotic.

The thing to pay attention to, as you look through these pictures, is the fire. These pictures are from different nights, but in several shots you will see them kicking or holding/throwing the fire ball. I think it was a ball composed at least partially of newspaper, that was an integral part of the night’s story.

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