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I’ve started a bi-weekly Monday post dedicated to answering all of your questions! Today’s question comes from my dear client Jen, who wants to know: What kind of outfit is best for a 6 month old girl photoshoot?

There are many ways to go for this, and it really depends on a few things: where is the session taking place, what do you want the overall feel of the session to be, and is there anything particular about your baby’s personality that you want to showcase?

Meet Cadence:

Her mom Hannah did a fantastic job of finding great outfits for her 6 month session! I adore the tutu/pettiromper combo, but the sweet pink dress worked well also! These outfits are great examples of outfits that work well both outdoors and in the studio and show off Miss Cadence’s girly personality! They are also a bit more dressy than the images below.

Meet Mason and Madelynne:

This sweet image is one of my favorites, ever. For a studio session, I really really dig doing partially clothed baby portraits. There is something so precious and simple about this picture, and let’s face it… you can’t always get away with being this nekkid and cute!

I love the juxtaposition between these two images! Here Miss Madelynne is showing how easy it is to get two different looks in one session! These were done outdoors, but could easily be recreated inside. These images fit Madelynne and her family well! They are less dressy and formal, which is exactly the look her mama was going for!

At the end of the day, it is most important that your little one will be 1) comfortable and 2) that the overall look is as dressy, fun, formal or casual as you desire. Want fun and casual? Bring a fun diaper cover ( is my go-to resource for these) or colorful outfit. Want to show off your little princess’s fancy side? Break out the tutus and pettirompers (both of which I have a great selection of).

A huge thank you to Jennifer for submitting this question on my Facebook page! As a thank you for helping me out, Jennifer will receive a free print from her next session! Do you have a question about what kinds of sessions I offer, what to wear for sessions or about the products I carry? Visit the Facebook page and leave your question! If it gets chosen for a blog feature, you will also win a free print from your next session!

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