3 People 12 Times {MAY}

To read more about 3 People 12 Times or see last month’s, go here. I really like this month’s picture…I love that we finally captured one with Landon smiling, because as serious as he can look in pictures, he really is a happy guy.

This month has been another big one, in terms of Landon growing and learning how to do things. Lately he’s all about climbing…in fact, today has he was climbing over me to stand on the back of the couch and look out the window, I told him what I often do; please don’t climb mom, I’m not a rock wall 🙂 and Kris remarked that he would probably love a baby rock wall to play on. For now, he is content to try and scale the bookcase (secured to the wall as of yesterday), the baby gate and the couch. He is definitely a little boy who knows what he wants and will do what it takes to get it… heaven help us!

We are excited for the prospect of summer soon approaching. We have two big weddings this summer, a few trips to Eastern Washington planned, and fingers crossed a patio is being poured in our backyard soon, which will greatly increase the barbecues and parties we can host! Score for awesome outdoor space (with our limited summer season, you have to soak it ALL in while you can!)

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