3 People 12 Times {APRIL}

To read more about 3 People 12 Times or see last month’s, go here. This month, our 3P12T is from our family session with the fabulous Jenica Lemmons. What a crazy family session…I would have preferred to do the session when the weather was warmer and slightly more predictable (it hailed in the middle of our session!) but we are happy to have my brother around whenever he can get here, so family portraits in April it is!

Life these days is good. Not easy, or slow, but filled with family and work, chasing after the peanut as he climbs the baby gate and everything else in sight with no fear. In a two week stretch, he fell or hit his face three times and ended up with two fat lips, one bloody nose, and an awful bite to his tongue… this kid is all boy, and a Baker (a.k.a. clumsy) to the core. I saw the best definition of boy the other day; a noise with dirt on it. That pretty much sums up our lives at the moment (and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it!)

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