3 People 12 Times {MARCH}

To read more about 3 People 12 Times or see last month’s, go here. This month, we took our picture in Reno. Actually, in the Reno airport. We tried to get a picture on the infamous chips on the street, however the wind was blowing so hard it just did not work out. Plan B became the airport…

March was a busy month! My brother surprised us all by flying in a day early and walking in my front door….that was such a good surprise! Then I took a short trip to California with my sister in law and mother in law, and after a short break at home, we all left for Reno to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday. As usual, Landon continues to grow and learn faster then we are ready for! He’s walking in real shoes (some days) and has started to mimic everything he sees! I love watching him as he investigates the world around him…he’s a total people-watcher, and spends much of his day discovering new things around the house. One thing that also amazes me is how much he loves to be read to…he will sit and let Kris or I read to him for 20+ minutes…we go through every book in his basket and some of them twice! (As a side note to this, I wandered into a Borders that was going out of business in Cali and walked out with 23 Bearenstein Bears books and a few others for his ever-growing collection!)

The rest of us are just chugging along….Kris is thrilled to be done with school, but wishes the weather would cooperate so he could get moving on the outdoor projects he’s wanting to start. I’m busy as always, happy that portrait season is back in full swing and looking forward to all the next few months hold for us!

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