Our Family

This weekend we ventured over the mountains (in the snow) to celebrate Christmas with Kris’ family. His sister and her family are visiting from Orlando, and we had a blast spending a few days with them (and the rest of the family) in the snow and freezing cold! On Sunday I captured and tortured all my nieces and nephews (by taking their pictures)!

Meet Elijah





and Jonah.

When Kris and I got married, I inherited two nieces and four nephews, which was really exciting for me. I am the oldest in my own FOO (family of origin, a little Family Systems class terminology for you!), and have no nieces and nephews on my side. They all call me Aunt Amanda, and I love spending time with them, as noisy as my in-laws house was this weekend!

I had to include this picture of Isabel and Alec. They are so CUTE!

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