Mexico: Post 2 – Centralia/Olympia, Washington Photographer

Alright, after quite the delay, I’m ready to show you more Mexico pictures. I got sick the last day we were there, and I still have the cough to show for it, which accounts for the delay. However, on with the pictures…

We arrived in Mexico on Friday, and on Saturday after checking out the pools we headed downtown to Mercado 28. It was…and adventure!

Dionne and Mike playing kissy-face in the pool

This was a cart outside Mercado 28. I love the colors.

It was so hot while we were there, so Kris and I wandered off to find something to drink…and did we ever! We’re pretty big PEPSI fans, you won’t find a Coke in our house…no way! So the real thing, in a glass bottle?! We’ll take two!

I made Kris sit on these steps on our walk back to the bus…I just liked them…

This was another one while we were walking back to the bus…Mike is carrying his man bag, and I love Dionne’s color combo.

We took the bus around Cancun as much as possible. It was not only cheap but fun and fast! I love this shot of Mike (GQ edition) on the bus.

That night we ate at the Oriental Lounge, which was my favorite restaurant. Check out the atmosphere!

They had yummy sushi (according to Dionne and Kris…)

Here is one last one of Dionne eating some soup…I love the little smirk on her face!

There will be more posts to come in the next few days…

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