Many times, especially before family sessions, I get the question “what should we wear?” And while each family (or any other client) should take into consideration their own style, there are a few key things to think about:

1. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t look fabulous in your pictures, no matter how “cute” the outfit.

2. Color-coordination is a good idea, matchy-matchy not so much. The only thing/color I tell families to avoid is all white or black shirts (as in, the whole family wearing the same color top). Be creative, add a little contrast of color, a little splash of fun! This doesn’t mean black and white are off-limits, but try to use them as splashes rather than all over.

3. Jeans are ok. Khakis are ok. You are welcome (and should) dress as formal or casual as matches your family. Doing your session in a grassy area or the beach? Shoes and socks can be optional!

4. Don’t forget the accessories. They often make or break an outfit and add that “finished” touch to the look. Add a great statement necklace, some gorgeous dangly earrings or a bold scarf.

And finally, here is the first installment of my monthly What to Wear series!

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