Sneak Peek: Lindsey {LITTLE WONDER}

You may remember Lindsey, my cousin’s little girl. I had so much fun photographing her every month for almost a year, but then she turned 1 and I hadn’t photographed her for 6 whole months! We decided it had been too long, and will you check out this cutie?! I saw her a month ago, but I just can’t get over how much she’s GROWN UP in just a few months! As my Grandma put it today, she’s not a baby anymore…she’s a little girl! (and let me tell you, a little girl with a mind of her own!)

I LOVE this face! Her parents call his her “mean face”…I think it should be renamed her adorable face!

FAVORITE! Talk about a snapshot of childhood.

Can you tell she’s gazing up at daddy in this one?

This was about as still as we got her to sit during our session…she was not keen on holding still!

And her curls! What a precious little thing you are, Lindsey!

I love this little comparison…how much she has changed, but how much she is still the same!

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  • AliFebruary 14, 2010 - 5:33 pm

    Amazing. I love all of the pictures. And she is an adorable little girl. Even in the past month she has grown up. Congrats on such a beautiful little girl Nikki, and great job on all the pictures Mandi!