Day 17 {Delaney’s 3rd Photo-a-Day}

{Another year, another Photo-a-Day month! It is hard to believe she is three, and at the same time she most definitely has grown and changed a ton over the last year! I borrowed this idea from Kerianne Brown, a fantastic photographer.}

Your dad and I certainly parent differently. You fancy yourself quite the Princess in charge of life around here lately, and have a very strong will. More times than I might like, you show your unhappiness by stomping your foot. Several months ago, I came downstairs and you were screaming… face to face with your Dad, stomping your foot. You would stomp, and then stop, and then he would say “no Delaney, don’t STOMP your footie… tap it” and then he would tap his toes on the ground. And you would scream and stomp your foot, and this continued on. I think eventually I carted your screaming behind off for a timeout, but not before having a chuckle and appreciating how your dad was dealing with your strong will. He’s always been good at helping you guys take that first step toward doing something yourself (he’s ALWAYS the first to hand you or your brother a task I think you’re too young for – and yet you always are safe and manage quite fine!), including knowing how to manage your emotions. Fast forward to today, “tap your footie” has become a little joke/game between the two of you.

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