Day 14 {Delaney’s 3rd Photo-a-Day}

{Another year, another Photo-a-Day month! It is hard to believe she is three, and at the same time she most definitely has grown and changed a ton over the last year! I borrowed this idea from Kerianne Brown, a fantastic photographer.}

You know that saying, “Messy Hair Don’t Care”? Well let’s just say that your hair matches your personality is that it is big and wild and you can’t help but love it. Tonight I wanted to capture our new nightly ritual at bedtime, where we are all sweet and snuggle but you wanted to play and be crazy and then give me dozens of open mouth slobber-kisses. So here is to 3 and this new stage of life – to my sweet girl who has been wishing me a “Happy Mama’s Day” all week! Not any other way I’d rather end this day!

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