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Haiti Family Portrait Fundraiser

This morning, I sat at my computer and read an update from a fellow photographer-turned-missionary whom I’ve gotten to know over the last 5 years. My mama’s heart connected with the words she typed as she laid bare a bit of her heart and asked for support in raising funds for a vehicle (her and Lena, her cute as pie daughter live and serve in Haiti). I’ve had the privilege of watching and reading Shannon’s journey from afar, and I’ve always admired the gentle way they serve in Haiti.

I gave a little bit toward her efforts, but want to do more. All day, I’ve mulled back and forth over how to do something bigger. Here it is.

This Mother’s Day, why not treat yourself (or your mama or grandma, for that fact!) to a beautiful, timeless family portrait to put over your fireplace. 100% of the money from these sessions will be donated to Shannon’s efforts to purchase a vehicle. And while you are at it, check out that really awesome new couch I just acquired – that I will be bringing out for the first time for these sessions!

That means you get a steal of a deal, and in turn you are blessing not only Shannon and her daughter but the many families in Haiti they work with each week. I have 4 spots open, the weather looks beautiful, so lets do something together for these sweet people!

(Want to know more about Shannon?)

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It’s been a while…

I was always so good at blogging… and then things got crazy! I have been so blessed to have clients who truly appreciate what I do, and keep me busy! I have high hopes of getting a bunch of new blogs up over the next few days, but until then I just wanted to say hello and share a favorite pictures of my own family that we took last month!

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