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3 People 12 Times {JANUARY}

I know the value of a family portrait. And yet the last 11 months have gone by with few pictures of the three of us. For the last year, I’ve really enjoyed seeing Tara Whitney‘s 6 people 12 Times, and decided this was just the right thing for our family. I can never seem to commit to a 365 photo a day project, but this is a subject that I love and just often enough to not be overwhelming!

January went so fast! We spent the month recovering from Landon’s first Christmas, relaxing, last week we celebrated my 27th birthday. Kris is about halfway through his last quarter of school, and we cannot wait for him to be done! I am enjoying a few weeks of downtime work-wise before things pick up again, and have enjoyed a fantastic birthday week with several dinners out with good friends and family. Landon is growing and changing so fast! He got his first real haircut a few weeks ago, stands up on his own, and is so close to walking!

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Spring Mini Sessions

I am so excited for these sessions! The first day will be outside at my favorite park, and we will spend each 15 minutes running around playing, laughing and snapping some great pictures! These sessions are also perfect for those mamas who want to capture some amazing images with their kids. The second day will be held at Santa Lucia, and will be more formal portraits, perfect for Easter. These sessions are a great deal for those of you who just need a few updated portraits of your kiddos and don’t need a full session. Spaces are booking up, so call or e-mail to secure your time slot.

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My Top 10 of 2010 {#1}

{I have decided to show and tell my favorite shots from 2010….often the pictures that grip me are not the picture-perfect poses, but the images that tell a story…}

I tried. I really did. But when I looked through the images in this session’s folder, I COULD NOT choose just one. It was an impossible task. So you get 8.

Grace and Ava are sisters, and this is their dad’s shop. Their mom, Christall, wanted some pictures in the shop that her amazing husband has worked so hard to build…and this is what I gave her! Sure, there are some nice ones, but this one, this I think shows their true personalities.

Christall and I talked many times about what they wanted to do for their session. After throwing around ideas about a candy shop and a few other things, we settled on a picnic at the beach. I love that she put so much effort into the details…she brought candy to incorporate the candy shop idea, and fun colored sodas, and … well, you will see their dessert later!

Another of my favorites from this session. After they finished their picnic, they spent a few minutes soaking in the company of their family and hanging out. I love that they are literally hanging out ON their Mom…some things never change!

Christall had this idea, and while Ava wasn’t quite sure what she was suppose to be doing, Grace was gung ho!

I love these two pictures together. There was a HUGE see-saw at the park, and of course the girls had to ride it! With much help from Dad, they were able to get that thing going (maybe a little too much, I remember a few pretty hard smacks on the ground on both sides!)

And then, after all the more posed pictures and running around the beach, it was time for dessert. I suggested that they incorporate some activities into the shoot, and s’mores was one of my suggestions. Ha…well, Christall brought mini-marshmallows, and her brave hubby did indeed roast them for s’mores! I love this picture, and Jason’s bravery!

In the end, this session was my favorite because of the time that Christall and I put into finding a great location and activities that represent her family. I want to encourage all of my future clients to consider a lifestyle portrait session…the extra work is easily worth the amazing, real images we will capture!

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My Top 10 of 2010 {#2}

{I have decided to show and tell my favorite shots from 2010….often the pictures that grip me are not the picture-perfect poses, but the images that tell a story…}

I had to. It’s my countdown, afterall, and this image was taken right after one of biggest moments of my life, and just after the beginning of his little life. I love this picture. He reminds me of a wrinkly Russian Babushka, all wrapped up like that. Now, for full disclosure, I didn’t take this picture. My awesome husband, who apparently discovered photographic talent long enough to take some amazing pictures right after our little boy was born, did. I like to imagine what might have been going through Landon head in this picture…”put me back”…”WHERE am I?”….”where are my sunglasses at? this place is WAY too bright”…”where’s my milk lady at, guys?” Fast forward 10 and a half months, and the kid hardly sits still, unless he’s eating or sleeping, and sometimes not even then..but I will always have these pictures to look back upon the first day he graced our lives.

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Valentine’s Themed Mini Sessions {SNEAK PEEK}

What a fabulous night we had last night breaking out the pink feather boa and the construction paper hearts (not to mention the yummy food and drink!) A huge thanks to my favorite little coffee shop, Santa Lucia, for hosting these mini sessions! I was really very pleased with how they turned out, and cannot wait to offer something like this for Mother’s Day or Easter. If you are interested, let me know!

Also a huge thank you to all that came out for the mini sessions! I hope you love your pictures as much as I do!

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