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Sneak Peek: Noah {NEWBORN}

I adore newborns. They are so sweet, so cute, so peaceful (most of the time!), and usually after we get them milk drunk (milk-a-holic, anyone?) and nice and warm, they take direction very well. This amazing and beautiful little guy belongs to this mama and her hubby, and I am so thankful that they shared him...

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Landon {May}

Oops. I’ve been a slackerI started out with the greatest of intentions. I was going to take one picture a day of Landon. And I make it almost three months, which is farther than I thought I would in the beginning. So, guilt-be-dammed, here are the pictures I DID take in May. In case you...

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June Specials {PROMOTIONS}

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner?! I am so excited! This is our first full summer in our new house and Landon’s first summer, and I look forward to many BBQs out back and plenty of exploring with our little guy outside! In anticipation of the good weather that I hope...

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