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2-Day Fine Art Canvas Sale {WAITING ON BABY}

As many of my clients know, fine art gallery wrapped canvases are my favorite product to sell and put up in my own home. They truly take a captured moment of your family, and turn it into instant art. These arrive ready to hang on your wall, and are the most stunning way to display an image from your session.

Our home is currently lacking in canvases of people, so I took some shots of this canvas, which we had printed of a picture I took on our honeymoon.

This canvas has a 1.5″ deep wrap, and the image extends onto the sides. You can have your image wrap, or have a solid color on the sides.

I like that this shot shows the beauty of canvas. They give your images a sparkle and depth that photo paper can’t achieve…I look up at the wall and feel like I can almost step right into that shot again.

I cannot wait until our little man is here, and as soon as we get some amazing newborn images of him, I am ordering a HUGE canvas to go over our fireplace. I thought it would be fun to do a big sale on canvas while I wait patiently (*ahem* or not) for his arrival!

If you would like to order a canvas, please contact me so I can rehost your gallery and you can choose your image(s). I need to have your order paid for by before 5 pm on Thursday to take advantage of this sale!

16×20 canvas: $210 (normally $310)

20×30 canvas: $325 (normally $425)

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Sneak Peek: Marita and crew {FAMILY}

I love photographing friends. LOVE it. I love seeing them, love capturing them and their families and the love they share.

Marita and I met last summer at camp, and ended up bunking together in the one RV with air conditioning…(can I just say, we got lucky because our week at camp was during the warmest weather Washington saw last summer!)…at camp Marita was 30-ish weeks pregnant with this adorable little guy, Tanner. I had just found out before camp that I was pregnant, so it was fun to have that connection with her.

I had a blast today photographing Marita, Shawn and Tanner. We lucked out and were able to take advantage a beautiful, sunny, crisp winter day.

How cute are they? Tanner is the most adorable little chunk!

He wasn’t so sure what he thought about having his picture taken, but we were diggin’ it!

Look at that little stinker, sticking his tongue out at me!

As laid back as he seems, today Tanner was a pretty serious little dude.

I would blow this up huge on my wall!

Mommy Love!

Daddy love!

Marita, thanks for trusting me with your family pictures! Hopefully this time the only tears are tears because you see the love your family shares!

Be sure and add a comment below to help the Lawrence Family win a free 8×10!

If you are interested in booking a session with Mandi McDougall Photography, e-mail me at If you are a friend of Marita’s and mention that when you book, you receive a $50 print credit.

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Sneak Peek: Lindsey {LITTLE WONDER}

You may remember Lindsey, my cousin’s little girl. I had so much fun photographing her every month for almost a year, but then she turned 1 and I hadn’t photographed her for 6 whole months! We decided it had been too long, and will you check out this cutie?! I saw her a month ago, but I just can’t get over how much she’s GROWN UP in just a few months! As my Grandma put it today, she’s not a baby anymore…she’s a little girl! (and let me tell you, a little girl with a mind of her own!)

I LOVE this face! Her parents call his her “mean face”…I think it should be renamed her adorable face!

FAVORITE! Talk about a snapshot of childhood.

Can you tell she’s gazing up at daddy in this one?

This was about as still as we got her to sit during our session…she was not keen on holding still!

And her curls! What a precious little thing you are, Lindsey!

I love this little comparison…how much she has changed, but how much she is still the same!

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Two Sessions Left {AVAILABILITY}

I had a cancellation and wanted to give a heads up that I have TWO open SESSIONS left before I am officially booked until my maternity leave starts. If you want a session, give me a call or e-mail quick! The sessions are this Friday (the 12th) in the early afternoon and this Saturday (the 13th) in either the morning or afternoon.

And because a post is no fun without a picture, here is one I took today of my sister’s beautiful (and well-behaved!) dogs.

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