Monthly Archives: February 2009

one final bootcamp goodbye

My parents received a call last night that lasted about 10 seconds. My brother arrived safe and sound in Great Lakes. Before he left yesterday morning, however, we drove up to Seattle to see him sworn in to the US Navy.  We got up before the butt crack of dawn to be in Seattle by...

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the biggest little birthday celebration: ali

In our family, we celebrate 21st birthdays by taking the birthday person to Reno. It started with my aunt, continued with me, and last month, 8 of us packed up and took my sister on a 4-day whirlwind trip to the biggest little city in the world. We left early in the morning on Thursday,...

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so bittersweet.

Today, my little brother (I use that term very loosely…he’s a foot taller than I am…) is leaving for bootcamp.  He will be headed to Great Lakes, Illinois for 8 weeks.  Navy bootcamp. oh boy. As we said goodbye to him this weekend, my emotions have been so mixed. When he first told us this...

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