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Tournament of Champions 2008: Wednesday – Centralia/Olympia, Washington Photographer

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out at the Little League field again and photographing my little brother and his team play some baseball. The slideshow for Wednesday is here.

Scroll down to see the images from Sunday’s game.

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Ali: about town – Centralia/Olympia, Washington Photographer

This is my sister. My sister is pretty hawt, if you ask me. She is a good sport also, being drug around town and playing model for the evening. I wanted to scope out some places to shoot senior sessions, and so *poof* I comandere her as a model…I love you, sister! To see the slideshow of her session, check this out.

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Tournament of Champions 2008: Sunday – Centralia/Olympia, Washington Photographer

Sunday Kris and I went down to Centralia to watch my little brother play in his TOC game. It was hotter out that I expected, and I got a BAD sunburn. Besides that, though, I got to take some rad pictures of the boys doin’ their thing.

To see the slideshow of images from Sunday, click here.

Check back on Thursday for a slideshow of Wednesday’s game images.

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Ballet is so lovely – Centralia/Olympia, Washington Photographer

I have seen some ballet in my days, but this weekend Kris and I had the priviledge watch Jade’s ballet performance. She did SO well, she was a cute Little Red Riding Hood, and I got some fun shots of the older girls ballet also!

Here is Jade’s dance group…

She’s the one in the middle…how cute is Jade!

I’m loving this image…I adore tutus as it is, and this one just has such mood to it.

I saw this one on the camera and KNEW it was gonna rock! How graceful do these young ladies look?

I like the color and movement on this one…the arms, the feet, the skirts…

mmm…purply-blue-pink goodness. I ADORE this one!

I’m diggin the look and vintage feel to this one, and the texture.

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Oh. My. Goodness. – Centralia/Olympia, Washington Photographer

Tonight, I made Texas-style tortillas. At least according to this blog post ( I stumbled upon this blog post from another friend’s blog, and for some crazy reason I decided to embark on making them at 11 pm at night. They were super easy, and they are SO good. Yum, yum, yum. I ate three with butter and plum preserves. ooh. And I woke Kris up so he could have a taste. Anyhow, check them out, try them out, and lemme know what you think!

Here are the ingredients: some warm milk, flour, baking powder and vegetable oil.

I am kinda proud of this bowl….I painted it a while back.

I just liked the look of this one…

Love the doughball….

Yum, here they are! (On my cute plate)

Going, going, gone!

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