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3 People 12 Times {MAY}

To read more about 3 People 12 Times or see last month’s, go here. I really like this month’s picture…I love that we finally captured one with Landon smiling, because as serious as he can look in pictures, he really is a happy guy.

This month has been another big one, in terms of Landon growing and learning how to do things. Lately he’s all about climbing…in fact, today has he was climbing over me to stand on the back of the couch and look out the window, I told him what I often do; please don’t climb mom, I’m not a rock wall :) and Kris remarked that he would probably love a baby rock wall to play on. For now, he is content to try and scale the bookcase (secured to the wall as of yesterday), the baby gate and the couch. He is definitely a little boy who knows what he wants and will do what it takes to get it… heaven help us!

We are excited for the prospect of summer soon approaching. We have two big weddings this summer, a few trips to Eastern Washington planned, and fingers crossed a patio is being poured in our backyard soon, which will greatly increase the barbecues and parties we can host! Score for awesome outdoor space (with our limited summer season, you have to soak it ALL in while you can!)

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3 People 12 Times {APRIL}

To read more about 3 People 12 Times or see last month’s, go here. This month, our 3P12T is from our family session with the fabulous Jenica Lemmons. What a crazy family session…I would have preferred to do the session when the weather was warmer and slightly more predictable (it hailed in the middle of our session!) but we are happy to have my brother around whenever he can get here, so family portraits in April it is!

Life these days is good. Not easy, or slow, but filled with family and work, chasing after the peanut as he climbs the baby gate and everything else in sight with no fear. In a two week stretch, he fell or hit his face three times and ended up with two fat lips, one bloody nose, and an awful bite to his tongue… this kid is all boy, and a Baker (a.k.a. clumsy) to the core. I saw the best definition of boy the other day; a noise with dirt on it. That pretty much sums up our lives at the moment (and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it!)

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3 People 12 Times {MARCH}

To read more about 3 People 12 Times or see last month’s, go here. This month, we took our picture in Reno. Actually, in the Reno airport. We tried to get a picture on the infamous chips on the street, however the wind was blowing so hard it just did not work out. Plan B became the airport…

March was a busy month! My brother surprised us all by flying in a day early and walking in my front door….that was such a good surprise! Then I took a short trip to California with my sister in law and mother in law, and after a short break at home, we all left for Reno to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday. As usual, Landon continues to grow and learn faster then we are ready for! He’s walking in real shoes (some days) and has started to mimic everything he sees! I love watching him as he investigates the world around him…he’s a total people-watcher, and spends much of his day discovering new things around the house. One thing that also amazes me is how much he loves to be read to…he will sit and let Kris or I read to him for 20+ minutes…we go through every book in his basket and some of them twice! (As a side note to this, I wandered into a Borders that was going out of business in Cali and walked out with 23 Bearenstein Bears books and a few others for his ever-growing collection!)

The rest of us are just chugging along….Kris is thrilled to be done with school, but wishes the weather would cooperate so he could get moving on the outdoor projects he’s wanting to start. I’m busy as always, happy that portrait season is back in full swing and looking forward to all the next few months hold for us!

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3 People 12 Times {FEBRUARY}

To read more about 3 People 12 Times or see last month’s, go here. This month, we waited to take our family picture until Landon’s first birthday. What a special day.

February went by so fast. Landon learned to walk, now takes baths in the big bathtub, and then yesterday we celebrated his birthday. Such a fun, bittersweet day. It is so hard to believe that a whole year has gone by, not to mention that you have gone from being 4 pounds 11 ounces to over 20 pounds! I even got out one of your newborn pajama sleepers just to remind myself how little you were and how far you’ve come! And just the other day, you learned to give kisses! Talk about melt a mama’s heart! You are Mr. Personality, and I know we will have our hands full very, very soon! As I type, Kris is two weeks away from being done with his BA. It has been a long road, one that started before we met, but people, he’s only two weeks away! I am so proud of him for sticking with it, especially this last year. That said, I cannot wait for him to be done. Not only will we have more time with him, but the Honey-Do lit I have for him is somewhere near three miles long. It’s amazing all the stuff that needs doing or fixing or upgrading in a house built in 1920. It’s going to be a busy summer. And I have just been doing the usual. Being home with Landon most days, working on stuff for our downtown and keeping busy with pictures. I embarked on a Photo-A -Day of Landon for the last 26 days, and I am so glad I did. I have two days left to finish, and then a rad collage to put together. It has been fun to document all the stuff he does, and I look forward to doing this every February with him. I am so thankful to have such a supportive family and great clients. I am looking forward to spring weather (as it snows outside again), two trips I have planned next month and my brother being back in the States very, very soon.

*about 5 hours after I posted this, my brother called to say he was home from Afghanistan. I was thinking it would be a week or longer, so after writing “very, very soon” above, I guess I was right!*

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3 People 12 Times {JANUARY}

I know the value of a family portrait. And yet the last 11 months have gone by with few pictures of the three of us. For the last year, I’ve really enjoyed seeing Tara Whitney‘s 6 people 12 Times, and decided this was just the right thing for our family. I can never seem to commit to a 365 photo a day project, but this is a subject that I love and just often enough to not be overwhelming!

January went so fast! We spent the month recovering from Landon’s first Christmas, relaxing, last week we celebrated my 27th birthday. Kris is about halfway through his last quarter of school, and we cannot wait for him to be done! I am enjoying a few weeks of downtime work-wise before things pick up again, and have enjoyed a fantastic birthday week with several dinners out with good friends and family. Landon is growing and changing so fast! He got his first real haircut a few weeks ago, stands up on his own, and is so close to walking!

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